Restaurant Day Event

Have you heard about Restaurant Day?

Not yet? It’s a Food Carnival organized across the entire world. Anyone can participate, learn more and become an Ambassador or simply go out and discover something new!

Every time the date comes a little bit closer I get very excited about it because I can try again delicious craft food. Some of the participants cook just four times a year, explicitly for this event! And that’s not the only reason. You get to discover new pop-ups, ideas, inspirations and meet foodies who are as much excited about food and cooking as you are. Or simply go out and have a nice walk through the city. It’s a great activity to do with your friends and family too. There is an interactive map which opens approximately one month before the next event, perhaps you’ll have pop-ups in your city, don’t miss it… or create your own one and start spreading this wonderful concept!

The variety is massive – macarons and other delicious sweets, pies, pastry, soups, quiches, burgers, sandwiches, seasonal stuff, superb drinks and much more…

For pictures, information and more, visit the Facebook Page.

Due to my busy schedule, I had the opportunity to participate just once. But our Pop-up had an amazing success, we made burgers with a little caesar salad skewer and grilled cheese sandwiches. Everything was homemade, we grounded the beef we bought from a local farm, we even did the ketchup. And you know what? Guests waited lines for us and in few hours we sold everything. We had to find jars for our ketchup because people wanted to buy it as well. It was such a rewarding feeling and if anybody from that Restaurant Day is now reading this, thank you again for the support and experience, and special thanks to my friend Rob, the most gifted foodie I know!

We planned to participate a second time, unfortunately we couldn’t make it at the end. Despite of that, you can see few pictures from our trial day in my first recipe post “My Signature Dish – Tacos!

What is the history of Restaurant Day?

It all started in Helsinki, Finland. A group of food-lovers wanted to create an event celebrating food and restaurant culture. In May 2011 they had more than 40 pop-ups all over the cities of Finland. Since then Restaurant Day celebration spread further to 70 other countries. Unfortunately, the original organizers decided to discontinue coordinating and promoting the event. However, it’s not gone yet… enthusiasts from different places still want to keep this food celebration alive.

I do believe that this event can become a worldwide thing in the future. Many people in the world already celebrate Halloween, Christmas, Easter and other events regularly. Not even mentioning that many of them forgot about the religious history behind these. So why not celebrating food – one of the most important factors in our lives?

What do you think? Share and comment, I’ll be happy to hear from you!

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