About Me

I was born in Kladno, Czech rep. It’s a statutory city few kilometers from Prague. It is well known for coal mining in the past and successful training of amazing Ice-Hockey players such as Jaromír Jágr, Jakub Voráček, Tomáš Plekanec and many others. I have a special bond with this town, not only because I have lots of nostalgic memories from my childhood, but also because I still have my mom and many friends living there.


Now I’m located in Prague. A metropolis with countless options, beautiful history, diversity, many points of interest. And when it comes to food, oh boy, the progress has been incredible in the past few years, but I think there is still room for improvement. However, you’ll never get bored in here, there is always something happening – food & music festivals, culinary shows, markets, restaurant events, pop-ups and much more!

I work for an international corporate which keeps me quite busy during the weekdays. And I’m also a loving father and husband. I suppose many of you can relate to that and you can imagine there is not much time left for my hobbies. But you don’t have to worry, I’ve been planning to take this first step of creating a food blog for a long time already and I feel a strong inner commitment to continue developing it. After all, I have the biggest support from my friends and family, for which I’m immeasurably grateful. And as I mentioned in my first post “My Journey Begins…” my motivation is not only to introduce you with my opinions, reviews, recipes, etc. I would like you to be part of this story, experience with me my accomplishments but also my failures. I’ll be showing you things I know but also my process of learning new stuff. And hopefuly, you’ll get some inspiration!

Oh and finally… maybe you’re asking yourself and you’ve been searching for the answer in this article…

“Why the name Captain Foodie?”

It is very simple. I’m a huge fan of fantasy worlds and superheroes. And I thought it would be pretty cool to be a Food Superhero 🙂 … Who knows, maybe one day 😉


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